Supermarket Petrol Price Wars and Fuel Recovery

fuel recoveryThe price of petrol has been a growing concern all over Britain for a few years now. Prices have increased, sometimes gradually and sometimes rapidly, to extortionate rates that many are finding difficult to afford. In more rural parts of the country, residents have seen highs of £150.9 for petrol, with diesel being even more expensive.

However, this week, it appears supermarkets are going to be in a price war, once again, over who can offer the cheapest petrol in order to gain the most of the automotive market. Supermarket price wars have been going on for quite some time, but they generally decide on a price and stick to it. Not now. Asda have announced that, as of tomorrow, they will be dropping the price of both petrol and diesel by as much as 2p per litre.

This has come as welcome news to those protesting against the price of fuel, but it’s still not good enough. They believe the government should cut the duty on petrol so that those hit the worst from inflating prices could be given some breathing space.

At the end of last week, the price of crude oil fell to less than $100 a barrel, yet in the UK, the duty is still 58p per litre of fuel. This means that whilst the government is still cashing in on something that is almost a necessity to everyday life, consumer wallets are still being hit the hardest despite price cuts.

Asda have announced a cap on their petrol and diesel prices across the nation, with promises that petrol will not rise above 130.7p a litre and diesel won’t rise above 134.7 a litre. Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco have all declared that they will follow suit in order to aid the cash-strapped population.

But what if you put the wrong fuel in your car? Even with these price drops if you put the wrong fuel in, either petrol in a diesel car or less commonly, diesel in a petrol car, not only have you wasted your hard earned money, but you may very well run the risk of damaging your engine beyond repair. We offer fuel recovery in Manchester, as well as fuel recovery in Liverpool and nationwide through our wrong fuel recovery network, meaning we can come to your car 24/7 and rescue you and your engine. We can drain all of the contaminated petrol/diesel out of your car, including a high technology injection and system cleaning in the process, which will push out any leftover contaminated oil in the system. In most cases we can get you on your way without any problems.

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