Does petrol damage a diesel engine?

There is some discussion on bulletin boards about how much damage is done when you put petrol in a diesel engine. The reality is that older cars have lower tolerance engines and are likely to be OK a long as the petrol put in a diesel engine is replaced within a few miles. Newer engines are built to give high performance and fuel efficiency but the downside is that the tolerances are much tighter so for example the car may need the injectors and the fuel pump replacing at a cost of around £2k or more.

So if you have put petrol in a diesel engine then stop ASAP and call Fuel Away to drain your tank!

Helpful tips!

Friday is most day to put the wrong fuel in your car! People in a rush to get home for the weekend have other things on their mind, so be careful next time you are filling up for the weekend or a holiday.

Families with more than one car often have both diesel and petrol cars – so it is easy to forget which car you are filling up and put petrol in your diesel car so why not put a sticker inside your fuel cap reminding you which fuel to use!